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Alabama Marble Co. Inc. was founded in 1998 and has worked since to develop the quarry and bring back this beautiful white marble that has been known as the hardest, whitest marble in the world.

The Alabama marble has been quarried in Sylacauga since 1836. The Sylacauga marble belt is 32 miles long, a mile and a half wide and up to 600 feet deep. It stretches from the Coosa River to southeast of Talladega.

Our Reputation

White marble from Alabama has been used in the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the US Supreme Court and the bust of President Lincoln in the Capitol.

In Birmingham, Alabama, the masterpiece "The Head of Christ" sculpted by Moretti is on display at Vulcan Park. It decorates the interior of the John Hand Building and the exterior of the South Trust Bank branch on Second Avenue North and 20th Street. Also used in dozens of other Downtown buildings, in older Birmingham schools and other institutions.

Today Alabama Marble Co. quarries excellent quality marble blocks sold in the domestic market and around the world. We also produce specialty items such as window sills, thresholds and tiles sold in the domestic market both to large chain distributors and specialty stores.


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Think Green

Now that Green is not just a trend but a worldwide movement
of unstoppable momentum and scope, special attention and care has been accounted for to comply and respect such environmental considerations.


The rough blocks are cut using saws equipped with diamond
. Then they are transported to the stock yard. After the rough blocks
are inspected,
they are transported to the sawing facility to be cut into slabs.

Cutting Blocks

We use diamond cutters, band saws, and block saws to cut the rough marble blocks to the appropriate size for tiles, window sills, and thresholds.

Polishing & Honing

With an automatic band marble polisher, the products are
finished for the extra touch of perfection and are ready to be shipped to you.